Although not qualified as an engineer he was appointed Adjunct Professor of Engineering at QUT 2005 – 2010 because of his scientific approach to addressing engineering problems. At the route of most projects is the engineering feasibility of the task at hand.

Other Engineering related appointments include:

  • Associate Professor School  of Medicine (Science, Mental Health and Adversity) UWS 2008+
  • World Road Association PIARC (Full Committee Member) 2000+
    • Special Task Group Leader – Fire Suppression Systems
    • Special Task Group Member – Fire Life Safety
    • Former Special Task Group Leader – Environment
  • United States National Fire Protection Association (Committee Member at invitation of the United States)
    • Underground Fixed Guideway Transit Systems Committee NFPA 130 – 2004 +
    • Road Tunnels Committee NFPA 502 – 2005 +
  • Society for Social Management Systems, Japan (Full member at invitation of the Centre of excellence disaster engineering program for Japan) 2006 +
  • International Tunnel Insurers Group [ITIG] (Association of Global re-insurers, London) 2003 ongoing
  • Honorary member of the Fire Protection Association of Australasia