Law, Science and Engineering

An accomplished lawyer as well as a technical and scientific expert in his own right Professor Dix applies skills to all aspects of problem solving and investigations in a way that assists his clients establish certainty and thought leadership. His assistance is practical – he physically gets things done.

Current projects (which can be disclosed) using his scientific/engineering expertise include his role as “special expert investigator” for the Coroner in the Burnley Tunnel Disaster (2007 -2012), the development of safe emergency interim operational strategies for the tunnels of a MEGA project in the Middle East (2011) and the development and implementation of a new catastrophic emergency operational strategy for an Asian/Pacific Underground Metro (2011-2012).

In every instance legal, scientific and engineering expertise is drawn upon to provide robust approaches to managing corporate and personal risks to his clients coupled with tangible and direct engineering actions.

All commercial / legal clients matters are dealt with in the strictest of confidence. Client information is never published nor disclosed without prior consent.