Metro Security

A metro rail operator becomes aware of a real and immediate risk of their railway being attacked during a scheduled international event.

The metro system has neither been built nor operated to manage such a threat.

Task: Professor Dix is asked to determine:

If the system can be operated in a comparatively safe mode?
If it can how can it be so managed?
Can Professor Dix design and implement the changes ASAP?

Method: Professor Dix conducts a functional Audit (hands on) as a matter of urgency. Through measurement and observation he develops a way to manage the existing electro-mechanical systems in an emergency.

Professor Dix oversees new procedures being written (urgent), trains staff directly on the new procedures and system controls. And oversees the operations (in command) over the event of concern.

Outcome: The existing Metro system has a new emergency mode of operation that can readily be implemented as a matter of urgency in an emergency.