Risk Assessments/ Disaster Investigations

Professor Dix delivers high level investigations into disasters. His professional skill set including in depth technical knowledge and his ability to listen and question intuitively, allows him to deliver transparent and useful findings for a way forward for his clients.


Likewise his ability to seek out both benefits and often unforeseen risks on a project, provides his clients with the opportunity to deal with situations often before anything has actually gone wrong.  

Tender Evaluation

Understanding a project – not from just what is written – is a hallmark of Professor Dix’s specialist knowledge from contracts to construction and commissioning to operations.  

When tender evaluation is required Arnold is a valuable team member on any panel and brings his clear thinking and international experience to the table to ensure sensible and realistic evaluation is achieved.

Contractual Practices Advice

The ability to decipher contracts is an art in itself. Professor Dix brings decades of experience to forming contractual terms and obtaining the best outcomes for his clients.

On the flip side when a dispute arises he keen ability to bridge the gap between technical and legal comes into its own when he can skillfully understand not only the contractual terms legally but put them into context for the project and parties involved. 

Standards & Compliance Advice

Professor Dix has sat on many of the world’s standards bodies for tunnelling.  

Fire & Life Safety

Close to Arnold’s heart is his special interest in the field of fire and life safety.   Arnold has a first hand knowledge of most international fire and life safety standards for the underground. 

He brings years of experience on advising clients from underground rail and road tunnels to buildings in this area.  He is considered by his peers an expert in this field.