Originally trained as a Scientist , his post graduate research was at the Ranger Uranium Mine investigating the environmental consequences of discharging heavy metals and radio nuclides into the environment. He brings the rigours of science to the assistance of his clients.

Associate Professor of Medicine (Science, Mental Health and Adversity) UWS 2008+

  • Adjunct Professor of Engineering QUT 2005 – 2009
  • World Road Association PIARC (Full Committee Member) 2000+
    • Special Task Group Leader – Fire Suppression Systems
    • Special Task Group Member – Fire Life Safety
    • Special Task Group Leader – Environment
  • United States National Fire Protection Association (Committee Member at invitation of the United States)
    • Underground Fixed Guideway Transit Systems Committee NFPA 130 – 2004 +
    • Road Tunnels Committee NFPA 502 – 2005 +
  • Society for Social Management Systems, Japan (Full member at invitation of the Centre of excellence disaster engineering program for Japan) 2006 +
  • International Tunnel Insurers Group [ITIG] (Association of Global re-insurers, London) 2003 ongoing
  • Honorary member of the Fire Protection Association of Australasia