Professor Arnold Dix

For your next event book to hear the amazing story of Professor Arnold Dix. His true story inspires and enthralls - his message that 'good people can do good things' , coupled with his unique brand of perseverance, compassion, and determination, whilst diving into his tool kit of skills, makes his presentation truly uplifting and exciting.

Professor Arnold Dix is hailed a hero around the world.  His unwavering bravery and expertise in handling critical situations during the rescue of 41 miners trapped in the Silkyara Bardo Tunnel collapse in India, catapulted him into the biggest feel-good story of 2023.


Described as ‘the tunnel guy‘ –  who does anything and everything that is complex with tunnels – Professor Dix put on hold his life after being contacted by the Chief Engineer of India, and the Secretary for the Prime Minister of India, asking for his help.  Arnold selflessly went to the aid of the trapped workers and the teams attempting the rescue to assist in bringing the miners home safe.


His actions as a leader and advocate brought government departments, agencies, experts, contractors and all on site in general, together into a considered exceptionally skilled team to find a way through to save the miners.  As the public face and thought leader of the tunnel rescue team, he not only made a significant impact on the lives of the survivors but also instilled a sense of optimism in the rescue team and the 1.4 billion Indians watching the rescue unfold on live TV over a knuckle biting 17 day rescue mission. 


Professor Dix made the promise that 41 men would be returned home alive, and that no one else would be injured in the process.  As we know too well, such promises sound impossible – but he and the team delivered.


Speaking Topics:


·       The Incredible Rescue

This is a highly charged emotional rollercoaster of a story as the lives of 41 men hung in the balance, all hinging on the promise by an Australian Engineer that 41 men will be brought home safely.


·       Leadership in Times of Crisis

How bringing people together can make the impossible possible.

When working as a team is crucial to a positive outcome, what does it take to manage the emotions, fears, impulses, and decisions of team members.


·       Teamwork

The crucial element for success. But how do you combine Communication, Problem Solving, Risk Assessment, and Decisive Action, into a winning formula?  He can teach your team the answers.


·       Mindset / Inspiration / Compassion

Arnold demonstrates that great things can be accomplished with a strong mindset and compassion for all.  He is an inspiration to all. His mantra following the rescue of, ‘It’s time the good people of the world claim the future for all peoples and our planet. The Silkyara rescue demonstrates that almost anything is possible when we unite and be nice’ – is a lesson that gives us hope as the peoples on earth.

·       Enabling Experts to Make Tough Decisions 

Faced with imperfect information and the certainty of death if no action is taken, teams require special enabling to take action and avoid decisions paralysis.  This presentation examines enabling teams in the face of almost certain failure from an emotional and legal perspective.  


“I rise to acknowledge a truly great Australian, Professor Arnold Dix, and for what he has done in once again improving the relations between Australia and our great friends in India.”

Anthony Albanese, Australian Prime Minister


“Another impactful masterclass in impactful communication from Professor Arnold Dix”

Anand Mahindra, Indian Billionaire Businessman


“We are enormously proud of him (Dix). He has played an important role in a vital rescue. It is a matter of joy for all of us that all 41 men are safe. It is a matter of great happiness that he was part of the effort to rescue them. We are all in your debt; you are a hero of this nation, a hero of Australia-India bilateral relations”

Philip Green, Australian High Commissioner to India 




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